In this news section we publish information about ongoing procurements, upcoming events and other present activities related to the district heating programmes

Statement of Nefco – The Nordic Green Bank regarding Russian invasion of Ukraine

Nefco strongly condemns the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nefco stops all ongoing project and financing activities and withdraws from existing trust fund assignments in Russia and Belarus. Nefco has a long history of financing environmental and climate-related projects positively impacting communities and people in Eastern Europe.

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DemoUkrainaDH has contributed to the modernisation of district heating systems in several Ukrainian cities

Since its launch in 2012, the DemoUkrainaDH programme has financed a total of 13 demonstration projects. Approximately EUR 9.5 million has been invested in supported projects

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Industrial waste heat to be utilised for district heating in Ukraine for the first time

The first district heating development project to be implemented under the Sweden-Ukraine District Heating (SUDH) programme has been agreed with the city of Mariupol. This is a historic demonstration project that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of district heating and increase service quality through the use of waste heat and the implementation of energy-efficient technology.

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The DemoUkrainaDH project in Ternopil highlighted during the EU Sustainable Energy Week

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Heat supply control in Ukrainian DH systems

Professor Anatoliy Kolienko, a technical expert in the SUDH team, has compiled an article presenting theoretical backgrounds to the general problem of heat supply control in the Ukrainian district heating systems and the proposed solutions for the SUDH project in Brovary

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Nefco signs framework agreements for implementation of SUDH projects

Technical assistance for the implementation of the SUDH projects will be provided by international consultants with previous experience of district heating projects in Ukraine funded by International Financial Institutions

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Challenging Ukraine’s engineering standards. Pipe roughness

Outdated norms for pipes mean Ukrainian taxpayers pay up to 20% more than EU citizens, some EUR 50 million per year

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The feasibility study in Brovary has been finalised

The SUDH project in Brovary is set to use industrial waste heat from the concrete block factory to generate district heating, network consolidation and other improvements. The feasibility study has now been finalised, and the project is moving ahead.

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The feasibility study in Mariupol has been completed

The SUDH project in Mariupol is set to use industrial waste heat to generate district heating, network consolidation and other improvements. The feasibility study has now been finalised, and the project is moving ahead.

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DemoUkrainaDH project in Mykolaiv gains momentum in its implementation

Ukrainian and Latvian companies have been procured to modernise one of the micro-district heating systems in Mykolaiv. The contracts have been signed to proceed, with expected implementation in 2021

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Vinnytsia pays off its loan for the DemoUkrainaDH project and continues its cooperation with Nefco within SUDH

The city completed the DemoUkrainaDH project in 2014 and has now fully repaid its loan to Nefco

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