Questionnaires for the Sweden-Ukraine DH programme have now been considered by the SUDH  steering group. The group consisted of two NEFCO officers, three international and three Ukrainian consultants in the field of district heating. The committee meeting took place online on 10 December 2019 focusing on reviewing the questionnaires received from 22 various Ukrainian cities and municipal district heating companies. Each questionnaire was carefully studied, and the evaluation results are summarized below.

Cities recommended for the development of pre-feasibility studies:

  • Brovary
  • Dobropillia, Bilozerske, Bilytske and Novodonetske
  • Mariupol
  • Poltava
  • Vinnytsia

The SUDH coordination consultant team will pay on-site visits to these cities at the beginning of 2020 in order to further study relevant district heating systems and to develop suitable project ideas, in a close cooperation with the district heating companies. The visits will be coordinated with the cities accordingly. It shall be noted that if no feasible project ideas in line with the SUDH goals are found during the visit, a pre-feasibility study may be terminated or postponed.

Cities recommended for analysis of the existing feasibility studies:

  • Chuhuiv
  • Vyshneve

These cities have newly developed feasibility studies for improvement of their district heating systems. These studies have been developed by international consultants in scope of other programmes financed and administrated by NEFCO. The feasibility study reports will be analyzed by the SUDH coordination consultant team to determine their responsiveness towards the SUDH goals and therefore suitability for financing within SUDH programme.

Cities recommended for the waiting list:

  • Chornomorsk
  • Horishni Plavni
  • Khmelnytskyi TKE
  • Korosten

Once there is a progress with cities currently recommended for the development of pre-feasibility studies, the cities from the waiting list may be contacted by the SUDH coordination consultant team to assess the prospective of further cooperation within SUDH programme.

Cities recommended for the waiting list with lower priority:

  • Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi
  • Cherkasy
  • Teplodar
  • Uman
  • Zhytomyr

The current financial and/or institutional capacities and/or cooperation framework with NEFCO under other programmes or projects, do not allow prioritising follow-up with these cities within the SUDH programme. Shall there be relevant changes, the cities may be moved to the waiting list with higher priority.

Cities not recommended for participation in SUDH:

  • Berdychiv
  • Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • Khmelnytskyi PZTM
  • Novovolynsk

Information provided in the questionnaires received from these cities was not responsive to SUDH goals and/or SUDH project financing scheme. Shall there be relevant changes, we welcome back these cities with updated questionnaires.

Cities recommended for other NEFCO-administrated programmes:

  • Fastiv
  • Myrhorod

The SUDH steering committee has provided positive evaluation, however financial capacities of the cities do not allow to implement the projects suitable for the SUDH financing. Therefore, these cities have been recommended for the potential cooperation under other NEFCO-administrated programmes.

NEFCO and the SUDH coordination consultant team are grateful for all the received questionnaires and would like to deeply thank the Ukrainian municipalities for the shown interest in the programme.

Further expressions of interest to the SUDH programme are possible. However, they will be evaluated on ongoing basis and activities under already received questionnaires are currently prioritised.