The DemoUkrainaDH projects in Uman and Ternopil imply installation of new biomass boilers. Sustainably sourced biomass will substitute gas in heat generation mix and therefore lead to CO2 emission reduction. In addition, new modern heat generation units will increase reliability and quality of DH services.

Open international competitive tendering has been conducted in order to determine contractors for the boiler component in each DemoUkrainaDH project. As a result of diligent evaluation, two Ukrainian contractors were chosen from the five tenders received: EscoLtava LLC for the project in Uman and Ukrainian Atom Instruments and Systems Inc (UkrAtom) for the Ternopil project.

EscoLtava in Uman has now finalised construction of pellets boiler 1.5 MW at Sadova str., 26. This allowed taking out of operation 1200m DN 500 pipe of very poor condition, which will lead to significant energy savings. The boiler will provide base load for heating for the district nearby. Peak load will be supplied by new gas boilers, installed as a part of the project. Fuel container has been constructed during summer and the boiler has been fully commissioned – in a good time before beginning of the heating season 2020-2021.

UkrAtom in Ternopil completed conversion of a gas boiler at 14a Kupchinskogo street to a pellet boiler (4.5 MW). The boiler currently undergoes testing and is expected to be fully commissioned before beginning of the heating season 2020-2021.  Successful implementation of the project will have great value as demonstration of the opportunity to convert existing gas boilers to biomass.

Photo 1: New boiler house in Uman

Uman BH2


Photo 2: New filters at the boiler house in Ternopil

Ternopil filter


Photo 3: New pellet burners at the boiler house in Ternopil

Ternopil pellet burners


Read more about the project in Uman here, and about Ternopil project here.


Photo credit: Mykola Kulish & UkrAtom