We are excited to launch our new website aimed to provide the most recent information regarding funding for district heating in Ukraine.

So far, the website covers activities, achievements and perspectives for two programmes co-financed and supported by Sweden: DemoUkrainaDH and SUDH.

Visit page Projects to explore more about projects implemented in scope of the programmes. Procurement page lists ongoing tender notices. We describe the relevance of supporting and developing district heating in Ukraine on the page Why district heating (will be published shortly). Visit How we work to learn about our values and principals of programme implementation.

Everyone is invited to join us towards our vision which is energy-efficient district heating in Ukraine delivering qualitative services with low environmental impact to its customers.

With the launch of this website, we close the previous website that has been used for the  DemoUkrainaDH programme, www.demo-dh.org.ua.

We continue to develop the website and are currently working on the Ukrainian version of the site, that will be launched later in autumn 2019. We welcome any feedback on how we can further improve the site.

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