Replacement of distribution pumps and boiler fans

Location: Berdychiv
Programme: DemoUkrainaDH
Project status: Implementation
Investment: 410,000 EUR
Payback period: 2 years
Reduced gas consumption: -


1,735 tonnes/year

Berdychiv is an administrative and cultural centre in the south of Zhytomyr oblast. The city is an important railway junction, as well as has 27 production companies. Berdychiv is home for about 78,000 inhabitants.

The municipal company BerdychivTeploEnergo is the biggest heat supplier for residential, budgetary and other consumers in Berdychiv with an estimated share of district heating service for total heating in the city of about 35%. Until recently, the company operated 18 boiler houses with a total installed heat generation capacity at 104 Gcal/h. Recent optimization and improvements in the district heating production services have led to the closing of 4 boiler houses. The company supplies heat to 13,500 customers in 340 buildings.

Figure 1: Map of district heating in Berdychiv

Berdychiv Demonstration Project – overview

The project proposed for Berdychiv is about implementation of measures to reduce electricity consumption and thereby improve energy efficiency in the main part of the district heating system in the city. The project involves the exchange of distribution pumps and fans for combustion air and exhaust smoke (boiler fans) at 11 existing boiler houses thus covering almost all boiler houses of the city.

The project in Berdychiv is interesting from a demonstration point of view as it is an example of measures that are applicable in a majority of district heating production plants in Ukraine. These are typically equipped with oversized equipment, which in most cases have exceeded its economic and technical lifetime.

Berdychiv Demonstration Project – details

Specifics of the Berdychiv Project include:

  1. New distribution pumps and boiler fans at 11 existing boiler houses.

The proposed investment is 410,000 EUR with a simple payback time of 2 years. The proposed financing plan is as follows:

  • Total loan – up to 175,000 (42,5%)
  • Total grant – up to 175,000 EUR (42,5%)
  • Total Berdychiv local contribution – 60,000 EUR (15%)

Current status

The project is currently in the implementation stage. Please check our procurement page for the announcement of project procurements.


Photo credit: Wadco2