Sweden-Ukraine DH

The Sweden-Ukraine District Heating (SUDH) programme was established by Nefco and Sweden with the vision of supporting energy-efficient district heating in Ukraine that delivers qualitative services with low environmental impact to its customers. SUDH offers funding for long-term sustainable projects, creating a significant positive impact on Ukrainian district heating systems.

Sweden-Ukraine DH

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Programme goals

One of the Sweden-Ukraine DH goals is to increase the renewable and waste heat sources used for heat generation at Ukrainian district heating systems.

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Programme financiers

Funding for project implementation is provided by NEFCO by way of loans. This funding is supplemented by grants from Sweden, in total EUR 6 Million. Up to EUR 4 million will be allocated by Sweden for technical assistance during the implementation of the Programme.

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Project financing

The Programme provides per project: NEFCO credit funding up to EUR 5 million; grant funding provided by Sweden up to 30% of the total external funding but not exceeding EUR 1.5 million; relevant technical assistance. The project partner has to co-finance at least 10% of the project costs.


The Programme cooperates with municipally owned district heating companies that operate in financially stable cities and are ready to borrow in foreign currency.

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SUDH programme already has the expected number of participating cities and therefore no longer accepts new applications. This may change in the future.

Programme objectives

4 projects

Shall be implemented under SUDH financing

300,000 people

Shall benefit from improved quality of district heating services

50,000 tonnes

Target annual reduction of CO2 emissions resulting from SUDH projects


Ukrainian DH systems shall become more cohesive with this EU directive

Donors and financiers


Nordic Environment Finance Corporation



Programme consultants


Coordination and communication consultant


Local coordination and communication consultant