The DemoUkrainaDH project in Berdychiv implies installation of new distribution pumps and boiler fans at existing boiler houses.
The project is interesting from a demonstration point of view because it is an example of simple measures that will lead to significant (about 35%) electricity savings and have an estimated pay-back time of about 2 years. Such measures can be implemented at many other district heating generation plants in Ukraine since they are typically equipped with oversized equipment that exceeded its economic and technical lifetime.

The project has been under preparation for the last few years. Now all the approvals have been received, and the Loan, Grant and Guarantee agreements have been countersigned. With this, the DemoUkrainaDH project in Berdychiv enters an active phase of its implementation.

The tenders will be announced soon on this website in the section on procurenment, and the preliminary plan is to finalise the project before the next heating season.

Read more about the project in Berdychiv here.