Modernisation of generation, distribution and use of district heating including heat pump

Location: North-western part of Zhytomyr
Programme: DemoUkrainaDH
Project status: Completed
Investment: 566,454 EUR
Payback period: 4.7 years
Reduced gas consumption: 240,000 m³/year


480 tonnes/year

Zhytomyr is a city in the northwest part of Ukraine, the administrative centre of the Zhytomyr Oblast and Zhytomyr region. It is located about 130 km to the west from Kiev and is the home to 270,000 people.

Generation of thermal energy supplied to citizens, businesses, organizations and institutions is provided by “Zhytomyrteplokomunenerho”. The company operates boiler houses with a total installed thermal capacity of 725 Gcal/h.

Zhytomyr Demonstration Project – overview

The project concerned the modernisation of the whole heating system around the boiler house. Aside the installation of new boilers, the project included the installation of individual heating stations in five residential buildings.

Connected to the system was also a day care center, where another IHS was installed for heating. The day care center also received domestic hot water from the boiler house, which had to be in operation during the non-heating season only for this production. To avoid this, the project included the installation of a heat pump for domestic hot water production. The replacement of all piping for connection to the IHS was also included in the project.

Zhytomyr Demonstration Project – details

The project area included five residential building blocks and a day care centre.

Specifics of the Zhytomyr project included:

  1. Individual Heat Substations – Introduction of 6 IHSs at five residential buildings.
  2. Network replacement – Approx. 800m heat distribution pipelines in the area.
  3. Installation of two condensing gas boilers (2×0.7MW).
  4. Installation of a heat pump (1x30KW) for production of domestic hot water.

The investment amounted to EUR 566,454. The financing plan was as follows:

  • Total loan – EUR 228,628 (40%)
  • Total grant – EUR 242,826 (43%)
  • Total Zhytomyr local contribution – EUR 95,000 (17%)

The project benefited the local community by:

  • Saving 2 110 MWh heat per year
  • Saving 240,000 m³ gas per year
  • Saving 20 MWh electricity per year
  • Saving 480 tonnes CO2 per year

The project in Zhytomyr demonstrated best practices in technical design, procurement, and project implementation in a small-scale project, providing valuable experience and know-how for the bigger projects that were to come for the rehabilitation of the district heating systems in Zhytomyr. The combination of efforts for the introduction of a demand-driven heating system, the reduction of losses, and the improvement of production efficiency was expected to bring savings in the order of 40% and improved services to the just over 600 residents in connected buildings and the kindergarten with 80 children.

Current status

The project was completed in spring 2015. All goods were procured, installed, and successfully commissioned.


Photo credit: Daryna Vdovenko