Modernisation of district heating and introduction of demand driven heat supply

Location: South-eastern part of Myrhorod
Programme: DemoUkrainaDH
Project status: Completed
Investment: 689,168 EUR
Payback period: 8 years
Reduced gas consumption: 400,000 m³/year


700 tonnes/year

Watch the project video

Watch a video about the implemented project in Myrhorod and learn more about the new type of technology used in connection to the project.

Myrhorod is the administrative and cultural centre of the Myrhorod district in the Poltava Oblast. The city is located at the junction of railway and highways with a population of about 40,000 people. The sectoral structure of industry is mainly represented by the food and processing industry, but the main strategic direction of the city is the maintenance and development of resort infrastructure as Myrhorod is known as a resort city not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

District heating is provided to residential buildings, public and industrial facilities with an approximate share of 40-50%. The Municipal Enterprise “Myrhorodteploenergo” is the exclusive district heating supplier in Myrhorod supplying heat and domestic hot water. The company operates 18 boiler houses with a total installed heat production capacity of 88 Gcal/h and a total length of district heating networks of more than 20km.

Myrhorod Demonstration Project – overview

The project concerned the renovation of a separate heating district located on the outskirts of the city. The project included the replacement of outdated energy-generating equipment with modern equipment with high efficiency, the replacement of distribution pipelines and optimized new routing, the replacement of pumps in the boiler house, the automation of the new base load boiler and the installation of individual heating substations at 17 residential houses.

The project was interesting from a demonstration point of view as the investment covered a total modernisation of the system, from boiler to pipelines and IHSs. The project decreased the use of natural gas, particularly by using modern condensing gas boiler technology with high efficiency and also through decreased losses in the district heating network. With the introduction of IHS, the system was also converted towards a more sustainable demand driven system with improved quality of heating services.

Myrhorod Demonstration Project – details

The project area was situated in the south-eastern part of Myrhorod city and included heated area of one boiler house.

Specifics of the Myrhorod project included:

  1. Installation of a new gas fired condensing boiler (1x3MW) and distribution pumps in the boiler house.
  2. Network replacement – Replacement of district heating pipelines and partly new routing.
  3. Individual Heat Substations – Introduction of 17 IHSs.

The investment amounted to EUR 689,168. The financing plan was as follows:

  • Total loan – EUR 303,475 (44%)
  • Total grant – EUR 275,693 (40%)
  • Total Myrhorod local contribution – EUR 110,000 (16%)

The project benefited the local community by:

  • Saving 4,705 MWh heat per year
  • Saving 440,000 m³ gas per year
  • Saving 109 MWh electricity per year

Current status

The project was completed in 2019. All goods were procured, installed and successfully commissioned.


Photo credit: Andrii Romanchenko