SUDH demonstration project (under preparation)

Location: Poltava
Programme: SUDH
Project status: Pre-Study
Investment: n/a
Payback period: n/a
Reduced gas consumption: n/a



Poltava, with almost 300 000 inhabitants, is located about 350 km South-East of Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnipro River.

The district heating company, Poltavateploenerho, is owned by Poltava Oblast. The company provides district heating in Poltava and four villages nearby – Reshetylivka, Mashivka, Kotelva and Karlivka. The DH company operates 346 gas boilers and 3 newly installed biomass boilers.

The DH Company’s customers base is 93 000 people (98% residential). Domestic hot water (DHW) is supplied all year around except for 2 weeks during summers when the system is closed down for maintenance. About 70% of the customers use DHW prepared from DH.

Poltava pays a lot of attention to energy efficiency and use of renewables. In 2015, Poltava joined the EU Initiative “Covenant of Mayors”. As a signatory, Poltava agreed to enhance energy efficiency and intensify the use of renewable energy sources.

In January 2017, the Poltava City Council issued a resolution on approval of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Poltava until 2020. This SEAP envisages a set of measures to ensure the sustainable energy development of the City, increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Poltava Demonstration Project

Installation of a biomass boiler, possibly in the form of combined heat and power (CHP) generation utilising Ukraine’s green tariff. The project is still under development by the city and SUDH consulting team, and therefore can be adjusted.

Current status

Preparation of SUDH pre-study since February 2020.