Poltava II

Installation of a flue gas condenser

Location: Southwest part of Poltava
Programme: DemoUkrainaDH
Project status: Implementation
Investment: 1,680,000 EUR
Payback period: 2.6 years
Reduced gas consumption: 2,700,000 m³/year


4,900 tonnes/year

Poltava is the administrative centre of the Poltava Oblast as well as the surrounding Poltava Raion in central Ukraine. The total area of the city is 103 km2 and the population is approximately 300,000 people. The total housing stock of the city consists of more than 21,000 buildings, of which the absolute majority belongs to the private sector.

About 98% of consumers living in multi-storey residential buildings are connected to district heating systems. The district heating of Poltava is provided by two operators: the municipal company RMHSE “PoltavaTeploEnergo” and JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”. PoltavaTeploEnergo is the largest heat supplier providing heat and domestic hot water to the major part of existing heat consumers. “Poltavateploenergo” operates 95 boiler houses with total installed heat capacity 888 Gcal/h and a total district heating network length of 220 km.

Poltava II Demonstration Project – overview

This is second DemoUkrainaDH project in Poltava.

The project is interesting from a demonstration point of view as it involves the installation of a flue gas condenser at the largest boiler house of the city, which will dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels in the system.

The proposed project is assessed to demonstrate the highest energy saving and CO2 reduction of all the DemoUkrainaDH projects being, for Ukrainian conditions, the best example of demonstration of new technology. The project’s replicability and the possibility to demonstrate the design of the system in accordance with European best practice district heating design criteria contribute substantially to the demonstration value of the project.

Poltava II Demonstration Project – details

The Project area is situated in the south-west part of Poltava city and includes heated areas of three boiler-houses, two of which are planned to be decommissioned in the future. About 60,000 people are connected to the district heating system who will benefit from future cost savings.

Figure 1: Map of Poltava II with indication of the Project area

The Poltava II Project implies one component: installation of a flue gas condenser (FGC) at one of the PTVM50 boilers at the Tsolkovskoho str., 36 boiler house.

The proposed investment is EUR 1,680,000 with a simple payback time of 2.6 years. The proposed financing plan is as follows:

  • Total loan – EUR 500,000 (30%)
  • Total grant – EUR 300,000 (18%)
  • Total Poltava local contribution – EUR 880,000 (52%)

Once implemented, the project is expected to benefit the local community by:

  • Saving 26,000 MWh heat per year (7% saving from the baseline*)
  • Saving 2,700,000 m³ gas per year (7% saving from the baseline*)
  • Saving 4,900 tonnes CO2 per year (7% saving from the baseline*)

*Baseline is estimated for the networks in question only (not the entirety of the district heating in Poltava) for the case of no-project activity.

Current status

The project is currently in the implementation stage. Please check our procurement page for announcement of project procurements.


Photo credit: Vlad2003