SUDH demonstration project (under preparation)

Location: Chuhuiv
Programme: SUDH
Project status: Pre-Study
Investment: -
Payback period: -
Reduced gas consumption: -



Chuhuiv is one of the six cities of oblast significance in Kharkiv oblast, and administrative centre of the Chuhuiv region. It is located about 480 km East of Kyiv and 35 km South-East of Kharkiv. The population of Chuhuiv is about 33 000 people.

Chuhuiv DH company operates 14 boiler houses with 63 gas boilers of the total heat capacity 108 Gcal/h (approx. 125 MW). The only fuel used for heat generation is natural gas. DHW has not been provided in the city since 2006. A significant part (20% or about 5 km) of the heating networks is considered being worn-out and in need of immediate replacement. Age of 50 gas boilers exceeds 20 years.

The city is active with energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. During the recent four years (2016-2019), the city implemented 33 energy efficiency projects, with investments amounting to almost 80 MUAH. As a result, the energy consumption was reduced by approximately 17%. In addition, Chuhuiv is a signatory of the leading EU Initiative “Covenant of Mayors”, under which the city declared the intention to reduce greenhouse gasses emissions by 30% till 2030.

Chuhuiv Demonstration Project

DH network interconnection as a strategic step towards sustainable DH system with centralized non-fossil heat generation, upgrading of pumps and other equipment, DH pipes replacement and IHS installation. The project is still under development by the city and SUDH consulting team, and therefore can be adjusted.

Current status

Preparation of SUDH pre-study since February 2020.