Good procurement practice

Competition is the fundamental principle of good procurement practice. Open, transparent and fair procedures for awarding public sector contracts for procurement of goods, works and services help to create dependable and stable market conditions for private enterprises. They also form the basis for establishing accountability and enhance the cost-effective use of public funds, a matter that is of concern for NEFCO, its owners as well as its countries of operation. Therefore, each procurement conducted in scope of a NEFCO-financed project follows these fundamental principles of openness, transparency and fairness.

Governing documents

NEFCO’s Procurement Guidelines is a governing document for each procurement conducted in scope of a NEFCO-financed project. Open, transparent and fair procedures in line with established international procurement practices are the basis of the Procurement Guidelines. Every procurement must be conducted in compliance with NEFCO’s Procurement Guidelines as available at NEFCO website.

NEFCO’s Practical Guide to Municipal Investment Projects describes the most important routines and procedures related to the municipal projects financed by and through NEFCO. This includes matters related to project initiation, procurement, implementation, monitoring and reporting. As such, the Practical Guide is meant to assist in facilitating a smooth project financing and implementation as well as an effective collaboration between the involved stakeholders.

The governing and other useful documents can be found on NEFCO’s website.

Tender notices

Tender notices for projects executed within NEFCO programmes for district heating in Ukraine are published on this webpage. The tender notices are published only for ongoing tenders. Absence of tender notices means that we currently have no ongoing tenders.

Tender notices for our projects are also published on:

How not to miss tender notices?

The best strategy not to miss the tender notices is to subscribe to our newsletter. We send email notification to all subscribers when we publish a new tender notice. Subscription to the newsletter is done via the subscription form at the bottom of this page.

Awarded contracts

Awarded contracts are published on a periodical basis on the NEFCO website.